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The Forbes Fintech 50 for 2018

By Janet Novack

Betterment, New York City

Robo-advisor manages ETF portfolios geared to investors’ goals and risk tolerance for 0.25% of assets a year. New 0.40% premium service, available to those with $100,000 or more invested, offers access to human advisors via phone, email and text. Now offers a socially responsible investing portfolio.

Bona fides: Largest independent robo, managing $13 billion plus for 300,000 customers.

Founder & CEO: Jon Stein, 38

Funding: $275 million from Anthemis Group, Bessemer Venture Partners, Citi Ventures, Northwestern Mutual. Latest valuation: $800 million

Threat to: Financial advisors, other robo advisors

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This article originally published February 13th, 2018 on Forbes