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bank innovation

Betterment Focuses On Tech & Accessibility to Revamp Wealth Management

By Ian Kar

Brokerage firms have been dealing with their brokers leaving for lesser-known independent funds and startups. What’s behind this migration of talent and money from established, buttoned-up firms to laid-back startups like New York-based Betterment?

It may be because the startups know young people, and young people are the future of, well, everything.

Wealth management has been a luxury financial service for decades, but New York City-based startup Betterment wants to bring those same investing tools to those with lower net worths.

Bank Innovation spoke to Betterment founder and CEO Jon Stein about what separates Betterment from traditional wealth management. The company has seen growth and critical acclaim for its unconventional approach, says Stein.

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This article originally published August 15th, 2014 on bank innovation


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