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Betterment CEO Says Robo-Advisors Are Popular Among Boomers

By Ross Kenneth Urken

Betterment, the largest automated investing service, is a juggernaut within the robo-advisor sphere: it has 100,000 customers who collectively invest more than $2.5 billion. The ease of use and low expense ratios are attractive to tech-savvy clients hungry for efficiency in managing their money. Betterment, for example, has just released SmartDeposit, an automated tool that allows clients to invest their excess cash. But it’s not just digital native Millennials who are using this service. According to Betterment CEO Jon Stein, some 25% of Betterment’s business comes from the 50 demographic. Amid fears of a market correction or extended downturn, these investors are in it for the long-term — protecting themselves against a downside with their asset allocation and strategizing to maximize their gains.

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This article originally published August 13th, 2015 on MainStreet


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