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31 Tech Predictions for 2019

By Christina DesMarias

“As we enter 2019, more financial services firms will test and implement artificial intelligence as a fundamental part of their businesses, but it won’t actually impact the advice they give to consumers. Instead, AI will be used for very niche, back-office applications that clients won’t see. That’s because in its current state, AI is effective at solving a very narrow, well-defined set of problems. It is not good at solving open-ended, situations with lots of roads to take. However, that won’t stop many companies from emphasizing their implementation of AI in hopes of impressing consumers.”

–Dan Egan, director of behavioral finance and investments at Betterment, an online financial advising platform with more than 150 employees, 300,000 customers and $15 billion in assets under management

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This article originally published November 26th, 2018 on Inc.