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3 Reasons Why Women Are Better Investors Than Men

By Arielle O’Shea

When it comes to investing, men dominate the field: Look at any picture of a trading floor and you’ll see a virtual sea of male faces. Research from Morningstar shows that men make up over 90% of all U.S. fund managers, with women running just 2% of the industry’s assets.

And yet, study after study shows that when women do invest, they do it well, outperforming men in many cases. In 2001, researchers found that women outperformed men by close to 1% per year, largely due to men’s propensity toward frequent trading.

More recent data continues to back that up. Women were more likely to stay the course during the recession, Vanguard says. Robo-advisor Betterment’s analysis of its data found similar results. SigFig, another robo that offers a free portfolio tracker, found that of those portfolios, men were 25% more likely to lose money in the market.

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This article originally published December 26th, 2015 on Nerdwallet