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#259 Revolutionizing Fin Services with Betterment CEO Jon Stein

Betterment CEO and founder Jon Stein is revolutionizing the way financial services are delivered and consumers are the beneficiaries of his vision. Jon founded Betterment, a so-called “Robo-Advisor” in 2008 in order to help consumers invest the way they should, rather than trying to beat the market. Jon notes that “We tend to think we’re better than average, on average. We intuitively think we can outperform. The whole brokerage and investment industry has grown to serve these irrational behaviors—and as a result, they don’t serve the individual consumers’ best interests. I started Betterment to re-invent the investing industry.” Boy, has he ever–Betterment allows users to rationally approach investing by seeking the best return (factoring costs) for the least risk.

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This article originally published February 22nd, 2016 on Jill On Money


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