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17 Simple Things These Successful Executives do Every Day no Matter What

By Christina DesMarais

4. Only check email once a day.
“Hint: the Boomerang app is a lifesaver for those of who lack self-discipline. Only checking my email once a day has made a huge impact on my productivity–but more importantly, my teams’ productivity. I noticed when I was weighing in on email all the time, it tended to kick off a ripple effect of other people reacting and responding, and that ultimately derailed projects. By forcing myself to hold back, I’m more focused, but I’m also able to show my teams I trust them and respect their autonomy.”

–Jon Stein, CEO and founder of Betterment, an online financial advising platform with more than 150 employees, 300,000 customers and $13 billion in assets under management

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This article originally published March 12th, 2018 on Inc.


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