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10 Investing Apps to Supercharge Your Portfolio

By Lou Carlozo

Below, we list 10 apps garnering attention for their ease of use, unique features and different takes on how to approach investment. All apps are free and available for iOS and Android, unless otherwise noted.

Betterment: This app uses concise screenshots to show overall account balances and performance, while letting you deposit and withdraw funds. After you enter your age and one of five general investment goals (i.e. “build wealth” or “safety net”) on the website, Betterment then invests the money for you in a combination of stocks and bonds: a fully diversified investment portfolio of 12 global asset classes. Fees range between 0.15 percent (for a portfolio of $100,000 or more) and 0.35 percent of your annual balance.

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This article originally published February 25th, 2015 on us money news