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10 Brands That Are Taking Off

By Caroline Banton

1. Betterment
Robo advisory services will take off in 2016. These online services provide low-cost algorithm-based portfolio management advice tailored to clients’ needs and risk profiles. They include start-up companies and fund giants. Betterment is one such company.

Andy Brantner, chief financial planner with, said Betterment “hit $3 billion in assets under management this year, making it the largest automated investment service (and) making them a definite winner.”

According to Investment News, the company will offer 401k plans to employers in 2016 in a new platform called Betterment for Business. The automated investment platform will compete against Vanguard Group, Prudential, Fidelity Investments and other industry giants.

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This article originally published December 1st, 2015 on GOBankingRates


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