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Holiday advice from your festive financial company

Holiday advice from your festive financial company

Our newly minted team of CERTIFIED HOLIDAY PLANNERS™* is here with some holiday fun to combat any holiday nonsense you might be experiencing.

*Not to be confused with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™.

Sugar, spice, and fiduciary advice

Much like financial advice, we at Betterment believe that holiday advice should be within reach for everyone.

So we made up the position of CERTIFIED HOLIDAY PLANNER™. It's our weird way of saying we hope you have a happy season.

Meet our team of CHPs™

Nick Holeman, CHP

Nick, CHP™

Excels in buying gifts well in advance, as well as in frantic haste. Expertise in tape/wrapping paper combinations.

Chrissy Celaya, CHP

Chrissy, CHP™

Specializes in hot chocolate temperatures and marshmallow ratio. Certified in making store-bought food items appear homemade.

Andrew Westlin, CHP

Andrew, CHP™

Last-minute travel deals researcher. Specialty in speed knitting for urgent gifting needs.

Each of our CHPs™ has been certified by the Certified Holiday Planner Board of Standards in the United States, and has undergone rigorous training in the arts of Eleventh-Hour Gift-Giving©, Holiday Traffic Management, and much more.

Choose the CHP™ that's right for you.
Call +0(555)-555-5555*

*This phone number doesn't work, and none of these people are real.
But you can use Betterment's platform to plan your financial life and/or book a call with a CFP professional.

Could you be our next CHP™? Qualities the team looks for:


Literally. These folks can pull a horse-drawn carriage around Central Park in 32° weather.


Remember the movie "Elf"? Remember his passion? That wasn't too much.


The holidays can be celebrated in any way, so thinking outside the (gift) box is welcome.

Case Study: Planning for the Holidays

a survey of 500 Americans* to determine what holiday planning services would be most useful.

*This is not a real survey.

The takeaway was shocking:

100% of people say that they feel the holidays surprised them this year.

100% of that same group said

that they technically knew the holidays were coming, and were also aware that they, in fact, occur on an annual basis–yet they still felt unprepared.

Graph showing 100% of people were surprised by the holidays this year
Graph showing 100% of people were surprised by the holidays this year