How does Wealthsimple Save compare to Betterment’s Core portfolio offering?

Wealthsimple Save offers investors exposure to a low-cost ETF portfolio suitable for an investor looking to save with minimal risk. The Wealthsimple Save portfolio invests in U.S. municipal and treasury bonds.

Betterment offers both a 100% bond ETF portfolio, as well as a cash account. Betterment recommends our 100% bond portfolio as the final destination for some of our investing goals, where we recommend a reduced stock percentage over time as you get closer to your goal. For savers who want a low-risk option for an extended period of time, Betterment suggests our cash account. This cash account provides the security of FDIC insurance, is more liquid, and offers a competitive yield compared to our short-term 100% bond portfolio.

Betterment’s 100% bond portfolio consists of U.S. short-term investment grade bonds and treasury bonds. Municipal bonds offer investors tax-exempt income, whereas investment grade bonds do not. Corporate bonds typically offer investors a higher yield in return for not being tax-exempt.