Investing Options with Betterment for Wealthsimple Customers

Betterment offers investors the choice to invest in a few different portfolio strategies, each suitable for different purposes. By default, Betterment recommends its Core portfolio strategy. Betterment also offers three Socially Responsible Investing portfolios, one focusing on Broad Impact, one on Climate Impact, and another on Social Impact. These portfolios invest in all of the same global asset classes as the Betterment Core portfolio, but each portfolio invests in a different set of ETFs that screen their investments for a subset of environmental, social and governance issues. In addition to Betterment managed strategies, Betterment offers the option to invest in portfolio strategies provided by third parties, including Goldman Sachs Smart Beta portfolios and BlackRock Target Income portfolios. For investors with views that differ from Betterment’s available managed portfolio strategies, they can use a Flexible Portfolio, which allows them to invest in the same ETFs as the Betterment Core portfolio strategy with the ability to adjust the individual weights to each asset class. Additionally, Betterment offers a cash account.