Cash management tools

Tools to help you manage and optimize your cashflow

Getting started

What to know about Betterment's cash analysis?

Betterment's cash analysis provides you with feedback on how much extra cash you may be holding in your checking account, so you can earn more. As your financial advisor, our aim is to help you make more effective decisions with your money. For most people, good decision-making and advice starts with evaluating your cash flow to determine how to prioritize your regular investing habits. But, the truth is doing this manually and on your own is hard work. To help with this, Betterment is now ...

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How it works

How does Two-Way Sweep work?

Our automation aims to help make cash management easier, by seamlessly moving your extra cash from your linked checking account to Cash Reserve—and back when you need it. Two-Way Sweep automates our advice regarding your extra cash by seamlessly transferring your cash back and forth between your checking account and Cash Reserve once enabled. You can rest easy knowing that Betterment is helping you handle your everyday cash management while also helping you earn more. TABLE OF CONTENTS How is ...

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Managing my account

How can I turn off Two-Way Sweep?

Learn how to set up Two-Way Sweep. Log in and select Cash Reserve. Scroll down to the Accounts section. Under “recurring deposits”, click “edit” next to Two-Way Sweep. You can now update your settings, such as adjusting your checking account’s target balance range. You’ll also be able to turn Two-Way Sweep off.

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How do I set up Two-Way Sweep?

Learn how to set up Two-Way Sweep. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up Two-Way Sweep. 1. Link your checking account. You will need to instantly connect your checking account if you have not already done so. 2. Open Cash Reserve. In order to use Two-Way Sweep, you must first have Cash Reserve. Click on “Add New” and follow the prompts to open your high-yield cash account. 3. Review your cash analysis results. Once Cash Reserve is set up, choose it from the menu on the left. You ...

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