About the cell phone insurance offered by Sure

Sure is an insurance technology company that powers insurance benefit programs for customer-centric organizations like Betterment.

Cell phones have become an everyday necessity for the average person. If your cell phone is damaged or stolen, getting it repaired or replaced is often not optional.

Fortunately, coverage is available for damage to or theft of your cell phone through Betterment Checking and our insurance partner Sure.

This benefit is available if you are a valid Betterment Visa® Debit Card holder and you charge your full monthly cellular wireless phone bills to your Visa debit card for the billing cycle before the month in which the incident occurs.

Eligible cell phones are the lines listed on your most recent monthly billing statement for the billing cycle prior to when the incident occurred.

Who is eligible for the benefits provided by Sure?

Betterment Checking customers who have a Betterment Visa® Debit Card are eligible to receive this benefit.

Content and associated insurance products are provided by Sure HIIS Insurance Services, LLC ("Sure"), a licensed seller of insurance. The above does not in any way constitute an endorsement or referral by Betterment of the products or services offered by Chubb or Sure. Claims must be filed within sixty (60) days of the date of damage or theft to be eligible. Exclusions may apply. Insurance is issued and managed by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, 202B Hall's Mill Road, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, 08889. Terms subject to change.