Betterment for a Better Wall Street

It’s time to make Wall Street productive for everyone again.

For too long, Wall Street has made money giving bad advice – like encouraging trades to generate fees and prioritizing company profit over that of its clients.

This has led many investors to manage their own portfolio, only to spend hours researching investing options with fine print so complex it requires an economics degree. Other investors have given up and pulled out of the market altogether, thinking if they don’t understand it, or don’t want to pay for it, they must not deserve it.

Enough! You do deserve it.

You deserve to benefit from a more productive Wall Street:

  • You deserve to enjoy the returns of the market rather than the paltry returns of a savings account.
  • You deserve to invest without hidden costs, withdrawal fees, and transaction fees.
  • You deserve helpful technology that automates and streamlines the investing process.
  • You deserve to access information and advice for free, without going through a gatekeeper.
  • You deserve to talk to real people when you have questions – people who have only your interests in mind.

It’s your money, your goals, and your future. You deserve a fair investment.



P.S. We want the financial services industry to work for the 100%.
Check out our proposed steps to make this happen here.

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