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Betterment, the largest independent robo-advisor, is the smarter way to manage your investments. When it comes to your money, Betterment's technology is the smarter choice. See how we stack up, and why more people prefer investing with Betterment to any other independent robo-advisor.

Features and Benefits Wealthfront Personal Capital FutureAdvisor Premium

Number of Customers

176,000 73,000 8,600 5,800

Portfolio of Exchange-Traded Funds

Automatic Deposits

Roth, Traditional and SEP IRAs

Trust Accounts

Highly Rated Apps for Both iPhone and Android

Low Fees

We charge only 0.25% for our digital service. It's your money – spend more of it in retirement.

0.25% 0.25% 0.89% 0.50%

Minimum Investment

Investing should be available to everyone. Some investment managers have minimums as high as $100,000 in order to invest.

No Minimum $500 $25,000 $10,000

Easy Access to Funds

We let you access your money when you need it. There is never a minimum or maximum withdrawal limit and you can do everything online, on your schedule – no need to call in.

No Minimum $250 Minimum Withdrawal No Minimum
(must call to withdraw)
No Minimum
(must call to withdraw)

No Transaction or Trading Costs, Ever.

Some investment managers charge trading costs on top of their fee. Betterment encourages customers to put their money to work, in any amount. And there are no trading or transaction costs, ever.

Advanced Personalized Advice

Betterment's advanced personalized advice can help determine if you are on-track to reach investment targets by projecting future investment values, based on your time horizons, portfolio allocations, and deposit/withdrawal choices. We actively provide recommendations for frequency and size of deposits to help you meet your goals. Our dynamic savings tool even allows you to map out your different savings scenarios.

End-to-End Investment Solution

We are the only end-to-end automated investment service, which means faster cash transfers and tax form availability, and easy integration with tax preparation software. Other automated investment managers are simply an overlay: shiny portals that hand you off to traditional back office broker-dealer operations that run legacy technology.

Next-Day Deposits

We provide the fastest transactions in the automated investment management industry. If a transfer request is received before 11 PM ET, it will be invested the next trading day. Others take at least 2 days to put money to work.


Betterment's SmartDeposit feature helps you invest your excess cash automatically — even if you have variable income. Maintain the liquidity you need in your checking account, while making sure that every other dollar is put to work. If you ever need some extra cash, access your money with no withdrawal fees.

Fractional Shares

We make every penny work for our customers. There is no loss of performance due to holding uninvested cash.

Automatic Rebalancing to Minimize Taxes

Betterment's method is truly smart. Instead of the standard FIFO method, we sell losses first and we rebalance your account with every transaction – including dividend payments – to minimize capital gains due to unnecessarily selling shares.

Smart Rebalancing Smart Rebalancing Standard Standard

Automated, Daily Tax Loss Harvesting

Only Betterment's Tax Loss Harvesting+ algorithm uses alternate and tertiary tickers to avoid wash sales to help you maximize your tax savings.

no minimum
($500 minimum to open account)
($30,000 minimum)

Smart Retirement Withdrawal Tool

When you're ready to retire, we provide personalized advice for how much to withdraw to ensure your savings will meet your goals in 99% of scenarios. Our advice dynamically changes based on the market, so you don't have to worry about it. We can also set up automatic withdrawals that are sent to you just like a paycheck.

Tax Impact Preview

Estimate taxes you will owe in advance, before you adjust investment allocations or make a withdrawal, so you always make the most informed decisions.

60-Second Rollover

We have some of the fastest rollovers in the industry, and the process is completely paperless.


Your security and trust come first. Betterment is required by its regulators to undergo rigorous examination and must adhere to strict capital requirements and regulatory oversight.

Support 7 Days a Week – Live Chat, Phone and Email

Our investing may be automated, but we’re certainly not. We’re here for you via phone, email, and live chat – 7 days a week.

You're a smart investor. Now you've found an investment solution that's right for you.

Number of customers are reflective of Betterment and its competitors by number of clients as reported on their Form ADVs as of 08/10/2016 and is subject to change without notice.

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