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How to Transfer Assets After a Divorce

How to Transfer Assets After a Divorce

We’re here to help you understand what happens next in terms of dividing assets held within Betterment.

How to Roll Over a 401(k)—Betterment Makes it Easy

How to Roll Over a 401(k)—Betterment Makes it Easy

Have 401(k)s from old jobs lying around? Betterment makes rolling them over into a low-cost IRA account simple and easy.

How to Do a Direct IRA Transfer

How to Do a Direct IRA Transfer

If this is your first direct IRA transfer, don’t worry. We help process direct IRA transfers every day, and we’re here to make it as easy for you as possible.

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ACATS: Automating Asset Transfers

Betterment uses the ACATS method (Automated Customer Account Transfer Service), which automates transfers of assets and cash between brokerage firms. Generally, an ACATS transfer is faster and more convenient than other types of transfers.

How to Add or Change a Bank Account

You’ll need to link your bank account—either manually or electronically—in order to make deposits and request withdrawals.

How to Deposit

We provide instructions for the different types of deposits you can make into your account, as well as timelines for how long the process takes.

How to Roll Over Retirement Accounts

No matter what type of retirement account you want to roll over, we’ll try to help make it as easy as possible.

How to Withdraw, Transfer Out, or Close Account

We’ll walk you through how to withdraw from a taxable account or an IRA, how to transfer your account to another provider, and how to close your account.

Find Five Minutes in the Next Five Days to Fund an IRA

Do your taxes. Open an IRA. And get that monkey off your back.


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