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Syncing Accounts

Most people have more than one financial institution. That's no reason not to see all of your money in one place. Syncing accounts to get the big picture of your finances has become one important way of keeping better track of your money.

Featured Articles

Understand Your Finances by Syncing Your Accounts

Syncing your outside accounts lets you see your total net worth in one place. It also lets us give you better advice and spot high fees you didn’t know about.

Your Investments: Why Neatness Counts

It’s not a perfect science, but when it comes to investing, neatness counts. Or perhaps more accurately, neatness adds up to real dollars that compound over time.

Use App-Specific Passwords to Sync Accounts More Securely

It’s easy to set up app-specific passwords so that you can help safely share your Betterment data with your other financial providers.

Recent Articles

How to Add or Change a Bank Account

You’ll need to link your bank account—either manually or electronically—in order to make deposits and request withdrawals.

How to Sync Your Accounts

Learn how to sync your accounts and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Improving Retirement Planning with Synced External Accounts

Betterment's retirement planning advice aims to give you personalized answers based on your whole financial picture. For that, syncing external accounts is critical.

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