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Retirement Planning

Retirement savings, 401(k)s, IRAs, and generating retirement income

Survey: Future Retirees May Rely More on the Gig Economy

Survey: Future Retirees May Rely More on the Gig Economy

Almost 40 percent of respondents feel unprepared to save enough to maintain their lifestyle during retirement.

Roth or Traditional: Which IRA is Right for You?

Roth or Traditional: Which IRA is Right for You?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are popular because of their flexibility. We’ll help you choose which one is better for now and the long term.

Retirement Planning Advice That Matches How You Save

Retirement Planning Advice That Matches How You Save

Betterment is constantly working to align our investment advice with what it’s really like to pursue your financial goals. Learn about how our retirement planning advice continues to improve.

Recent Articles

How the Future of Financial Legislation Will Empower Investors

Betterment isn’t just leading the way as the first automated investment service—we’re also supporting future legislation to improve our customers’ financial lives.

RetireGuide: Now with Synced Accounts and Social Security Upgrades

RetireGuide is Betterment’s retirement planning tool that gives you personalized advice. Now, we’ve made it even better.

Retirement Planners Get Access to Personal Social Security Data

Betterment is an initial adopter of a new government initiative to make personal earnings history and benefit projections available to all.

Obama MyRA Plan? Betterment Is Already a Step Ahead

As the proposed MyRA is still taking shape, we’d like to weigh in.

5 Ways to Get More from Your IRA

Now is the time to get stray retirement accounts shored up with a rollover—or start doubling down on saving in a new IRA.

Ready for a Rollover? We Make It Easy

Rolling over your retirement funds should be as smooth as possible, so your money can continue to grow. Betterment can help make it easy –– and low cost.

Target-Date Funds Are Out of Date

Betterment improves on the basic idea of "set it and forget it" target-date funds with smarter, unbiased advice and tax-smart tools.

How to Estimate Your Retirement Income

Once you stop working, though, you need a way to support your dreams of a preferred lifestyle. But how much retirement income should you aim for? And how do you find “your number”?

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