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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is one of nearly every investor's goals. It requires building a personalized plan, remaining disciplined in your saving, and thinking ahead to make your journey to retirement as straightforward as possible.

Featured Articles

Betterment 401(k) Plan Demo

Betterment offers tools like guided onboarding, personalized planning, and goal forecasting to make saving for retirement more intuitive and approachable for everyone.

The True Cost of a 401(k) Employer Match

Many companies are hesitant to offer a 401(k) match. Find out the truth behind matching employees’ 401(k) contributions.

Socially Responsible Investing for Betterment for Business

Offering investments that align with the social ideals of employees may help employers increase plan participation.

Recent Articles

Betterment for Business: A Better 401(k) for Employers and Employees

401(k)s don't need to be expensive and leave employees in the dark. That's why Betterment provides personalized investment advice for employees.

Plan Sponsor Spotlight: Jessica Feldman @ Harry’s, Inc.

See what the Director of People Operations at Harry’s, Inc. had to say about employee financial wellness, offering a 401(k), and more.

Evaluating 401(k) Plans? Look for Value and Transparent Pricing

Traditionally, 401(k) fee structures have been complex. Pricing for a Betterment 401(k) is clear and transparent.

Flexible Portfolios: Enabling Participant Choice in the Betterment 401(k)

The Flexible Portfolio included with the Betterment 401(k) provides employees with advice and guidance plus the right amount of control when they want it.

Maximize Your 401(k): A Survey for Employers

We asked Betterment for Business plan participants what they thought about employers offering a 401(k). Find out if it's still earning its place in the HR recruitment arsenal.

Income Portfolios from BlackRock

BlackRock’s income portfolio strategy provides retired employees the opportunity to generate cash income while preserving capital.

The Tax-Coordinated Portfolio™ for Betterment for Business

Learn how 401(k) participants can benefit from Betterment's automated tax-coordinated strategy which can help employees reach their savings goal faster.

Congress Just Passed the SECURE Act—Here’s What You Should Know

The government is taking steps to make your retirement more secure. Find out how the new changes might affect you.

Retirement Planning Advice Methodology

The complete methodology for Betterment's retirement planning process. Review this set of assumptions to understand how we help customers achieve their retirement goals.

Understanding Inherited IRAs

Learn what inherited IRAs are, how to roll over your inherited IRA, and other considerations you may want to be aware of.

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