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Income in Retirement

During retirement, making withdrawals and generating retirement income is on any retiree's mind. Learn about tax-efficient retirement withdrawal strategies and retirement income optimization.

Featured Articles

Why Flexibility is Key in Withdrawing Retirement Income

A strong retirement plan relies on proper preparation. But flexibility in your plan may be the most important quality you can have.

Everything You Need to Know About Required Minimum Distributions

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about required minimum distributions (RMDs), including rules and deadlines.

Understanding Our BlackRock Target Income Portfolio

Learn more about our BlackRock Target Income Portfolio, which is a bond portfolio designed to provide a steady stream of dividend income for retired customers.

Recent Articles

Understanding Retirement Income

For those in retirement, we offer advice on how much you can safely withdraw each month. Learn more about what you can expect when using your Betterment account for income in retirement.

Save Taxes When Withdrawing in Retirement

A smart withdrawal strategy during retirement can help make your portfolio last longer, while also easing potential tax burdens.

How Much Social Security Income Can You Expect?

Not sure how much Social Security income to expect in retirement? Let Betterment’s calculator show you.

Retirement Income Shouldn’t Be a Guessing Game

Betterment’s Retirement Income goal takes the guess work out of your most important retirement question: Will I run out of money?

Why the 4% Rule Is Broken

There are fundamental flaws in the popular 4% rule for retirement income, including its reliance on a higher yield environment.