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We're always working to deliver new, innovative financial tools to help you be a better investor. Read about the latest ways we're enhancing our investing features, optimizing our financial advice, and our improving our user experience.

Featured Articles

Introducing the RIA Tech Suite

The RIA Tech Suite brings together complementary technology platforms to help automate critical back-office tasks for advisors.

The Recommended Allocation To Keep Up With Inflation Has Changed

For funds that seek to match or beat inflation, like a Safety Net goal or Emergency goal, we seek to take on minimal risk while allowing your portfolio the potential growth needed to keep up with inflation. Learn about our updated portfolio allocation recommendations for your emergency funds.

How To Make The Most Of Your Spending With Cash Back Offers

Betterment has partnered with Dosh to offer cash back offers for Checking customers. Learn how to make the most of your spending with cash back offers.

Recent Articles

How We Built 3 New Socially Responsible Investing Portfolios

Betterment is moving the category forward for socially responsible investors by offering three SRI portfolios that are fully diversified and keeps costs low.

5 Tips to Give to Inexperienced Investors During A Market Dip

If your clients are first-time investors, helping them make that initial deposit and setting up their portfolios can be difficult. During a market dip? Even more so. Here are 5 talking points to help you communicate with inexperienced investors in times of volatility.

The IRS Has Extended Tax Deadlines Due To Coronavirus

Similar to other years, this year’s tax deadline was originally set by the IRS as April 15th. However, people and corporations alike are finding the…

More Billing Flexibility For Advisors

Betterment For Advisors has listened to advisor feedback and is now offering new Billing Plans that will provide more flexibility for how advisors can charge their clients.

Introducing Betterment’s Cash Management Products

Betterment helped redefine investing with automated guidance built for you. Now, we’re reshaping another part of your financial life: your cash management.

Using Dimensional Funds through Betterment for Advisors

Approved to use Dimensional Funds and ready to customize your own portfolios? It’s easy to create and brand your own custom portfolios from scratch or…

You Can Now Skip Individual Recurring Deposits

Managing your Betterment recurring deposits just got easier. Now you can skip any individual recurring deposit in just a few easy steps.

Cash Reserve FAQ

We want to help you make the most of your everyday money. Learn about Cash Reserve.

Do More With Our Redesigned Mobile App

Manage your financial life with our completely redesigned mobile app. We took feedback from customers like you and turned our app into a hub for your financial life.