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Product News

Updates on Betterment's products and services.

Betterment Brings Expertise to Trust Accounts

Betterment Brings Expertise to Trust Accounts

Protect and easily manage trust assets in a globally diversified portfolio.

Take on More Control with Flexible Portfolios

Take on More Control with Flexible Portfolios

You may be an experienced investor who enjoys Betterment but would like to change aspects of our recommended portfolios. Enter Flexible Portfolios.

Retirement Planning Advice That Matches How You Save

Retirement Planning Advice That Matches How You Save

Betterment is constantly working to align our investment advice with what it’s really like to pursue your financial goals. Learn about how our retirement planning advice continues to improve.

Recent Articles

9 Ways We Advanced Betterment’s Advice in 2017

Here are a few members of the Betterment team to talk about why they're excited about the products you've been part of this year.

Introducing Charitable Giving by Betterment

Starting Giving Tuesday, Betterment customers will be able to donate shares from taxable accounts to charitable organizations.

Introducing Our Smart Beta Portfolio Strategy by Goldman Sachs

Betterment will now offer a smart beta portfolio strategy developed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The strategy reflects the underlying principles of Betterment’s core portfolio strategy while seeking higher returns by deviating away from market capitalization in and across asset classes.

Introducing Income Portfolios from BlackRock

Betterment has selected an income portfolio strategy from BlackRock to offer investors a personalized opportunity to generate cash income, while seeking to preserve capital.

Licensed Financial Experts—at Your Fingertips

Betterment customers now have access to licensed financial experts directly from our mobile app. Get your questions answered and receive personalized financial advice.

Introducing Our Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Portfolio

Betterment is moving the category forward for socially responsible investors by offering an SRI portfolio that is fully diversified and keeps costs low.

Your Money, Your Way: The Betterment Service Plans

Betterment now offers access to licensed experts through three new plan options, so you can receive our advice how you want it.

The Best of Both Worlds: Smart Technology + Financial Experts

We’re confident we’ve long had the best way to invest for those in the know. Now, our financial experts are going to play an even bigger role in our story, giving our customers the best of both worlds.

8 Steps to a Safer and More Secure Betterment Account

Here are eight safeguards, including Two-Factor Authentication, that help keep your Betterment account safe and secure.

Tax-Coordinated Portfolio™: The Latest Breakthrough in Tax-Smart Investing

Betterment’s Tax-Coordinated Portfolio could increase after-tax returns by 15% over 30 years.

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