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Managing Debt

Managing debt can be a major barrier to meeting your financial goals, even if you have a high income. Learn how to understand your debt, move your net worth into the black, and balance savings with paying down high-interest debt.

Managing Student Debt Without Compromising Financial Goals

Managing Student Debt Without Compromising Financial Goals

If you're one of the millions facing student loan debt with no idea how to tackle it, there are options available to you that can help you manage your loans and get on track with the rest of your finances.

Should You Invest, Or Pay Off Debt?

Should You Invest, Or Pay Off Debt?

Deciding how to tackle debt while trying to invest can be overwhelming. Betterment’s five-step action plan is a clear strategy to maximize your dollars smartly and effectively.

How I Paid Off My $90,000 MBA in Less Than 2 Years

How I Paid Off My $90,000 MBA in Less Than 2 Years

If you get in the habit of putting every extra dollar saved toward your loans, you can pay off your loans sooner than you think.

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The Reality Check That Changed How I Manage Money

The call was short, simple and, at the time, devastating. It was clear that the days of shamelessly extracting money from my father were over.

The Truth About Student Loan Refinancing and Your Money

Lowering your interest rate by even 1 percentage point can save you thousands in interest payments over the life of your loan.

College Money: Easy Ways To Keep Your Finances On Track

College and money don't have to be an oxymoron.

How to Manage a Mortgage

Borrowing as much as possible to buy a home may be the American dream of the past, but purchasing real estate is still a big goal for many people (not to mention a good investment). Make sure you're managing your mortgage correctly.


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