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Investing Discipline

A principle of good investing is strong discipline. Discipline in taking on risk. Discipline in making deposits. Discipline in using a scientific approach to your portfolio.

How You Can Reach Your Investment Goal—Even When You Veer Off-Track

How You Can Reach Your Investment Goal—Even When You Veer Off-Track

We highlight all of the intelligent strategies we use to help protect you from market downturns as you approach the target dates for your goals—and discuss the actions you can take if your goals become off-track.

How Much Are You Losing to Idle Cash?

How Much Are You Losing to Idle Cash?

Holding onto excess cash may reduce your investment returns over time. When you sync your outside accounts with Betterment, we’ll help you see the cash you hold in your investment portfolio, help you understand how it may affect you, and allow you to take action based on that information.

The Rehumanizing Impact of Robo-Advice

The Rehumanizing Impact of Robo-Advice

Automated advice gives people more time to live their lives.

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Why’d I Do That? Never Forget with the Investing Journal

The Investing Journal is a new Betterment feature that allows customers to add personal notes to transactions.

SmartDeposit: Auto-Deposit, But Smarter

SmartDeposit puts your excess cash to work, effortlessly, seamlessly integrating with your existing auto-deposits.

Betterment Customers Stay the Course, Steer Clear of Behavior Gap

Research from Betterment’s behavioral team shows that most investors with Betterment achieve full investment returns and do not attempt to time the market.

About That Retirement Resolution…

With the year solidly under way, it's time to check in on your resolutions. Are you still prioritizing retirement?

What Are the Best Auto-Deposit Settings?

Our clients send some great questions our way, which often should be shared. We received a good one on auto-deposits recently which I had to consider myself when saving with Betterment.

Short-Term Thinking Equals Poor Investing Decisions

We recently (in fact, make that always!) talked about the importance of keeping emotions out of investing. We had a key example…


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