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Home Buying

Buying a home is the quintessential financial goal for many Americans. Explore strategies for affording a home, saving for a home down payment, and making investments in your personal real estate.

Featured Articles

Why More Hispanic Americans Should Be Investing In The Stock Market

More Hispanic Americans are investing in real estate than the stock market. Here are a couple of reasons why Hispanic Americans should use the stock market to build generational wealth.

Buying A Home: Down Payments, Mortgages, And Saving For Your Future

Thinking about buying a home? Here are five recommendations you should consider when making your big purchase decision.

Three LGBTQ+ Influencers Share Tips For Successful Financial Planning

LGBTQ individuals and same-sex couples face unique financial challenges when it comes to family planning, healthcare, and more. Here’s how three individuals are preparing for a secure and meaningful financial future.

Recent Articles

Financial Advice From Betterment’s LGBTQ+ Community

Members of Betterment’s Betterpride ERSG share their financial goals, long-term money habits, and advice for how they approach money decisions in their everyday lives.

3 Strategies That Can Narrow The Racial Wealth Gap

Decades of voting, housing, job, and banking discrimination created a racial wealth gap in the U.S. Here are three strategies Black Americans can use to take charge of their finances.

Is Buying A Home A Good Investment?

Buying a home has long been considered the American dream. But is homeownership a good investment? Or, much like a fancy sports car, is it just a status symbol? 

How You Can Reach Your Investment Goal—Even When You Veer Off-Track

We highlight all of the intelligent strategies we use to help protect you from market downturns as you approach the target dates for your goals—and discuss the actions you can take if your goals become off-track.

How To Save For Your First Down Payment

Saving for a first down payment and building home equity can be a way to build wealth over time. Here’s what you need to know about saving before you buy.

Buying a Second Home? 4 Tax Considerations

Buying a vacation property is a great investment goal if you know how to maximize the income and tax deductions.

Should You Factor Home Equity into Your Retirement Plan?

The answer depends on how much equity you have built up in your home—and what you expect your retirement expenses to be.

How to Manage a Mortgage

Borrowing as much as possible to buy a home may be the American dream of the past, but purchasing real estate is still a big goal for many people (not to mention a good investment). Make sure you're managing your mortgage correctly.