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Fintech generates interest in the media for one main reason: Finance is ripe for becoming more customer-friendly. Explore our commentary and a wealth of knowledge on the fintech landscape.

Featured Articles

How Do Banks Make Money?

Banks typically make money in three ways: net interest margin, interchange, and fees. Here’s how that can affect you.

The Beginner’s Guide to Online Banks And Neobanks

Online banks, or neobanks, are growing in popularity—but what are they and how do they work? Here are some things you need to know.

Empowering Our Community: Introducing The SHARE Series

Betterment’s new series is a platform designed to bring women in the tech community together to lead, learn, and grow.

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Our five product principles ensure we provide the best, most consistent, and customer-first experience while giving our team the freedom to innovate.

Vertical Integration: Better Business, Better Returns

We are the first and only online investment advisor to take this ultra-efficient approach.

How Technology Leverages Investing Basics

You're hearing more and more about automated investing, but what's the real advantage? This basic answer might surprise you.

Keeping Our Code Base Simple, Optimally

Betterment engineers turned regulatory compliance rules into an optimization problem to keep the code base simple. Here's how they did it.

Technology Can Harm Investors

On the investing front, technology has created a wealth of opportunities. We’re all for retail investors profiting off of the stock market. After all, efficient…

New Integration with Mint

Now Betterment’s popular goals feature is seamlessly integrated with Mint’s system. You can link and track all of your Betterment goals in Mint’s interface.

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