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Fiduciary Advice

Fiduciary advice is the kind that's in your best interest. Unlike Betterment, some financial companies give you advice that doesn't have your best interests at heart. Who knew we'd need to qualify "advice," right? Learn how to find fiduciary advice.

Featured Articles

Bogle on the Importance of a Fiduciary Duty for Money Managers

Jack Bogle describes his strongly held views on fiduciary duty. In his words: “If you touch another person’s money, you [should be] a fiduciary.”

Conflicts of Interest Can Be Buried Deep In Your Investing Choices

Re-examining how and where your money is invested can reveal misalignments between your interests—and an intermediary’s profits.

A New Day for Investors: The Fiduciary Rule Is Here

The fiduciary rule will help to ensure that financial institutions act in investors’ best interests when providing retirement advice.

Recent Articles

All Investors Deserve Unconflicted Advice

Betterment supports the Department of Labor’s proposal to extend the fiduciary standard to anyone offering advisory services for retirement accounts. We believe that only unconflicted service is worthy of being called ‘advice.’

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