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Charitable Giving

Part of a complete financial plan is defining your approach to charitable giving and donations. Not only can you plan your gifts to have a higher impact for your charity of choice, you can also use giving to help manage your taxes each year.

Recent Articles

How to Donate Your Investments to Charity

Learn more about how you can donate shares directly to charity, which can result in tax benefits.

How Many Tax-Deductible Shares Can You Donate to Charity in a Year?

When you gift a security, there’s usually some difference between the gifted price and the amount you can deduct on your tax return.

How to Determine the Tax-Deductible Value of Donated Shares

As part of optimizing your portfolio for taxes, you should assess how much of your invested money you can donate to reduce capital gains tax, instead of donating cash.

Our Customers Donated Over $2 Million Dollars To Charity in 2020

In 2020, our customers donated over $2 million dollars to charity through their appreciated shares. Let’s aim for even more in 2021.

How to Get the Most Impact Out of Your Charitable Donations

This holiday season, use Betterment and Agora to make sure your money is having as much impact as it could.