Put your cash to work for you

Can your cash be doing more? Betterment helps you maximize your cash through smart automation of deposits, withdrawals, and low-risk investing accounts.


One way you can invest better: invest regularly. We help you figure out how much to deposit on a regular basis to each of your goals. Once you set it up we’ll take care of the rest.

Reach your goals faster

By depositing regularly, you can build wealth more quickly. We’ll put that money to work with tax-smart technology and personalized advice.

Reduce taxes

Speaking of tax-smart, we’ll use your deposits to rebalance your portfolio, which may reduce capital gains taxes.

Invest effortlessly

We’ll help you figure out how much you should invest and automatically move the money for you while you kick back and relax.


Want an even smarter way to invest excess cash sitting in your checking account? Set the minimum you want in your checking account, and SmartDeposit will automatically put your extra dollars to work for you by investing them in your Betterment account. Simply link the account, select the goal, and set the frequency.

Worried about us investing too much? Receive notifications before we move any money and set the maximum withdrawal amount for each transfer.

Retirement Income

Keep getting paid. Set up auto-withdrawals directly from Betterment to your checking account.

Everyone’s situation is different. We’ll help build a personalized portfolio, provide ongoing advice, and automate your withdrawals. It's like you never stopped receiving a paycheck.

Bar graph showing that the Smart Saver yield is much higher than the national average for a savings bank

Smart Saver

Simply looking for a smarter place to put your extra cash? You could earn 20X* more than a typical savings account with our low-risk investing account for your extra cash.

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A yield that keeps up

Smart Saver is a low-risk investing account composed of bonds (80% Short-Term U.S. Treasury Bonds, 20% Short-Term Investment Grade Bonds). So, if rates rise—like they have for the past several years—so does your yield.

Find your extra cash

Not sure how much extra cash you have? We’ve got you covered. We can analyze expenses, estimate spending needs, and help you figure out just how much extra cash you might be holding in your checking account.

Coming soon: Two-Way Sweep

Let’s take the hassle out of investing your extra cash with our automated money movement tool, Two-Way Sweep. When we find extra cash, we can invest it in your Smart Saver. When you need it, we’ll move it back to your checking account. And, we’ll always let you know before we move your money.

Explore your first goal

Safety Net

This is a great place to start—an emergency fund for life's unplanned hiccups. A safety net is a conservative portfolio.


Whether it's a long way off or just around the corner, we'll help you save for the retirement you deserve.

General Investing

If you want to invest and build wealth over time, then this is the goal for you. This is an excellent goal type for unknown future needs or money you plan to pass to future generations.

Smart Saver

You could earn 20X more than a typical savings account with our low-risk investing account for your extra cash.

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*2.20% yield is the asset-weighted blend of the 30 Day SEC Yield as of 1/2/2019 (a standardized calculation that reflects the dividends and interest earned after deduction of the fund’s expenses) of the ETFs that comprise this portfolio net of Betterment’s management fee (0.25% for its Digital plan). The ETFs were chosen with an aim to limit risk and produce income. Yield is an important number in evaluating a low-risk, all-bond portfolio, but is distinct from actual investment returns, which may vary. 20X the average savings account is calculated by taking the FDIC’s national average savings account interest rate for deposits under $100,000 of 0.09% (as of 1/2/2018) compared to 2.20%, the expected yield of a Betterment Smart Saver portfolio. Click here for more information.


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