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What the CARES Act and market volatility mean for 401(k)s. See resources


401(k) Plan Resources for CARES Act, COVID-19, and market volatility

Help yourself and your employees make better decisions during these uncertain times.

Video commentary

COVID-19. Interest rate drops. Market volatility. With ever-changing news, it's natural to wonder what to do. We asked Dan Egan, Director of Behavioral Finance & Investing, to answer some of your top questions.

What Is Betterment Doing for Me?

Our customers should know exactly what Betterment is doing for them during this time of uncertainty in the stock market.

What Does This Mean for My Retirement Plan?

When markets are bad, it’s normal to wonder how your retirement savings will be affected. We've got answers.

What Might the Recovery Look Like?

The stock market will likely recover faster than the economy—here’s how to know when things are starting to get better.

Webinar: Navigating Through COVID-19

Learn about Betterment’s investment perspective on COVID-19 and how you and your employees can navigate through it.

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CARES Act FAQs for Employees

More details about the special distributions and loan provisions made possible by the CARES Act.

CARES Act Overview for 401(k) Plans

Everything you need to know about provisions specific to 401(k) plans at this time.

What Should I Be Doing With My 401(k)?

With the spread of COVID-19 and recent market volatility, it’s natural to wonder what you should do with your 401(k).

Our Portfolio Is Built To Withstand Market Drops

While we don’t know when exactly a market drop will happen, we’ve already prepared for it.

Guidance for 401(k) Savers During Uncertain Times

In addition to the effect the Coronavirus has had on our daily lives, the related investment volatility and economic uncertainty have understandably raised concerns for many. We hope the below will be helpful during this stressful time.

Jon Stein: Thoughts on the Volatile Market

Much of what Betterment has worked toward the past 10 years has been purpose-built to endure all the worst and the best the market has to throw at us.

For more on how we stay the course, check out our full guide to stock market volatility.

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